What is Lisning.com?

Lisning.com is a text-based coaching platform that helps people create relationships with expert coaches and get valuable coaching and counsel. It is designed to be astonishingly affordable, super-convenient, and totally transparent.

How do I get to work with a coach?
Lisning.com is founded on freedom of choice. You can browse our coach profiles freely or search our coaches based on specific criteria, and then select the coach you will work with. You also decide how frequently you and your coach interact.

How did Lisning.com start?
We were created by experienced, practicing psychotherapists who believe in the power and strength of coaching and psychotherapeutic relationships. Our founders wanted to broaden the extraordinary and life-changing impact of those connections to as many people as possible. Lisning.com allows anyone to create a meaningful coaching relationship with experts in their fields in an affordable, efficient, and convenient way.

Who are the coaches on Lisning.com?
Our coaches include some of the most respected, experienced, and accomplished specialists in their fields. They come from a variety of backgrounds, including psychology, social work, and coaching. Many of our coaches have multiple graduate degrees and/ or licensure in their area of practice. Some of our coaches have expertise from their counseling, coaching, or life experience. Our coaches also include pastoral counselors and clergy. Each coach is dedicated to understanding you and helping you achieve your goals.

Do Lisning.com coaches provide psychotherapy?
Many of our coaches are experienced therapists. Their interaction with you might share some similarities with psychotherapy because they are deeply interested in helping you express yourself, find solutions, and gain insight. Yet, the primary method of communication at Lisning.com is meaningful, text-based chat. The interactions can be powerful and amazing, but they are not psychotherapy.

Is Lisning.com anonymous?
Some people would like their coach to know who they are; others feel better being anonymous. At Lisning.com, the choice is yours. When you create an account, you use your real name. You can select if your coach knows your name or you are anonymous. It is completely up to you. One of the founding principles of Lisning.com is freedom of choice

How often do my coach and I work together?
A wonderful advantage of Lisning.com is that coaches and members interact with much more frequency than in traditional coaching and psychotherapy. You and your coach correspond frequently by private text message in your personal chat room on Lisning.com. You can write as much or as little as you want, as often as you want, and your coach will respond reliably and regularly. The general number of responses from your coach is something you are free to choose when you select your membership plan. Plans start at less than $30.00 a week (not a session!) and are priced based on how often your coach responds to you.

Why can I search coaches by location?
Lisning.com facilitates text-based interaction. Sometimes, you might like to explore the possibility of meeting with a coach in person, either now or in the future. If that is something you would like to consider, it is worthwhile to search for a coach in your general area.

Can I meet with a coach I find on Lisning.com in person?
You are welcome to use our extensive coach directory as a way of finding a coach to meet with in person. Keep in mind that Lisning.com has negotiated astonishingly affordable rates with some of the best providers for our text interactions. When you meet with a provider in person, the coach’s standard rates might apply.

Do you have a guarantee?
Absolutely! Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed. We are convinced that you will benefit from your experience and interaction with your coach on Lisning.com. In the extremely unlikely case that you would like a refund, you can select how much you would like a refund for: just the remaining sessions for that week, the whole week, or for the entire fee you paid since you started working with that coach! As usual, the choice on Lisning.com is yours. You can contact us at support@Lisning.com and we will respond promptly. But...we are convinced you won’t need to.

Are coaches employees of Lisning.com?
No. Lisning.com is a portal that enables coaches to create profiles and interact with you through texting. We are proud to facilitate and host this connection. Coaches are independent and your interaction is solely between you and your coach.

Is it important that my coach have certification or licensure?
Coaching is not a regulated area, so it is not necessary for any coach on Lisning.com to have a license. It is important for you to have the confidence that your coach is competent, reliable, and experienced. We believe in transparency and freedom of choice, so you can know anything you want to know about a coach from their extensive profiles. This way you get to assess their knowledge, experience, and education. Although a license is not necessary, you can restrict your search to coaches that only have licensure and/ or degrees in mental health if you would like. As usual on Lisning.com, the choice is yours.

Isn’t a license an important way to show that a coach or therapist is competent?
The founders of Lisning.com themselves are practicing, expert psychotherapists. In their professional practice of therapy, they have seen firsthand that degrees, licensure, or experience do not guarantee the competence of a therapist or a coach. Some licensed therapists are really good at helping people, and others are not as helpful. A degree and license to practice therapy is a way to show that a therapist had some education and passed certain legal requirements - enough for their local government to allow them to practice without concern that they will do great harm. It does not mean they are necessarily good at what they do. Many therapists and coaches are extraordinarily talented at helping others. That usually comes from combination of their specialized training, cultivated skills, a rapport with people, understanding of others, life experience (especially in counseling), and a natural insight into the human mind and how it works. Many licensed psychotherapists have the right combination of those, and others do not. Similarly, coaches, counselors and advisors may or may not possess the right combination of understanding, life experience, and ability. That is why Lisning.com offers you the opportunity to meet a broad range of licensed therapists, coaches, counselors and advisors so that you can choose the person who is right for you.

If degree and licensure aren't necessarily accurate ways to select who will be a good counselor, how do I know who to choose?
The best way to figure out who can help you is to review a professional’s areas of expertise, demeanor and personality, and the experience other clients have had with that professional. Your ability to know about the professional, see how they might be able to help you, and view other people’s feedback can help you make the most open, informed decision about who to choose to advise you.

Lisning.com was created to be a unique platform that allows you all of those. Professionals fill out detailed profiles describing their expertise. They also write a bit about themselves to let you see how they might interact with you. Our independent, member powered rating system enables the best coaches to truly rise to the top. Each coach is rated by members with a star system. The information each coach writes on their profile, as well as the experiences of other members, are easy for you to see when you search. This way, you can freely choose who you would like to work with and who would be best for you. If you prefer a specific accreditation or education, you have the option of narrowing your search to advisors that have advanced degrees or licensure.