was founded by a group of experienced, practicing psychotherapists to make attentive listening, quality insight and expert advice widely accessible. Clients develop meaningful relationships with professionals through our advanced technological platform. It is convenient, affordable and available, so any person can benefit from connecting with one of our talented therapists. They offer expertise, intuition, and understanding, as well as a deep and sincere long-term relationship.

We attract the highest caliber of therapists, affording our clients the best psychotherapeutic engagement possible. Our professionals have the expertise, motivation, and dedication to invest in personal relationships and engage in thoughtful, astute decision-making with their clients. Our Clinical Director is Rabbi Shmuel Maybruch, LCSW. Rabbi Maybruch is a noted psychotherapist and rabbi with experience counseling in person, online, by phone, and through text.

We are proud of our people-centered design, competent therapists, and advanced technology. These elements allow us to offer a consummate client-based therapy experience that can lead to their enhanced emotional and psychological well-being, improved problem-solving capability, and happier lives.