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I Am a Licensed Psychotherapist 
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Resilience Toolkit Facilitator Certification
M.A., Clinical Psychology
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Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Family Relationships, Job or Workplace Issues, Life Coaching, Marriage, Mood Changes and Struggles, Religion or Spirituality, Self-esteem, Stress, What Should I Do With My Life? 
Specialty Ages:
Early Adolescents (12 - 16), Emerging Adults (17 - 24), Adults, Mature Adults, Seniors 
New Portland, Maine, United States
About Me and My Coaching
About Me and My Coaching:

My coaching specialty is in helping people under stress to build resilience in the mind and body. I am especially passionate about helping people prevent or recover from work related stress and occupational "burnout". In fact, my own experience with this is what led me to coaching. After years of burning the wick at both ends at the expense of my self-care, I had a hard wake up call. Helping myself recover from the effects of chronic stress led me to post-graduate studies in neuroscience and mindfulness practices. I began adding in some of the simple tools I learned into my daily routines. I started noticing my inner experience without judgment. With practice, I was able to regulate my response to stress without changing anything else. I remember waking up one morning and noticing this feeling of hopeful optimism and joy about the new day. Considering the anxiety and dread I had become accustomed to for so long, I was astounded that feeling joyful in the morning was even possible. That was when I decided to bring what I've learned to a coaching platform to reach as many people as possible. Everyone deserves a balanced life filled with wellness, connection, and purpose. While I am a licensed Psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience, I don't believe that everyone going through stressful times necessarily needs to be in treatment. There's a lot to be said about the benefits of professional guidance and education to learn and gain skill using effective tools for stress recovery and building resilience. If you happen to be in psychotherapy, working with a coach on resilience building can be an effective adjunct to enhance emotional self-regulation and build inner resources to support the healing process.